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Put your payroll in order

For honest, organized, detailed, and affordable payroll accounting services, look no further than Bay Valley Tax & Accounting. We will ensure that all of your salary distribution is handled accurately and all financial reports are filed promptly.


No matter how big or small your business is, it's important to hire the best accounting firm. Our highly-skilled payroll experts thoroughly understand tax rules and regulations and ensure that your payroll paperwork is done efficiently and according to code.


With more than 50 years of accounting experience, you'll benefit from a sterling reputation of trust and superior individualized services.


Time and money management you need

Let our experts handle all your payroll accounting details


As your business grows and becomes more successful, your time becomes more precious. Call us today and we'll have a team in place to handle all your payroll accounting needs.


Reliable and accurate payroll accounting services


•  Payroll analysis

•  Payroll delivered each pay week

•  Employee time and attendance system

•  Data entry

•  Check reconciliation

•  Payroll reports


If you'd like to get started on a payroll service for your business, please email either Hannah or Juanita.

Efficient and accurate payroll services for any size business.

Committed to providing your business with the accounting advantage it needs to thrive.

Payroll processing

To receive additional information regarding any of our services, please contact:


Gary Robishaw, CPA, EA

Brad Walraven, EA

Tom Jane, CPA

Joe Mammel, EA

Spencer Biery, CPA